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If you are looking for a specific car, but you don’t see it on our website, give us the full details of what you are looking for and we can find the vehicle for you. Ron watches more than 12 PROFESSIONAL DEALER ONLY* auctions every week viewing thousands of vehicles; all sold at wholesale to dealers only. This method of purchase will save you THOU$AND$ on the cost of your next vehicle.

You specify the Make, Model, Color, Condition, Mileage, and Option then we’ll find that exact vehicle for you! Understand this is the same place all the Ford, Honda, Chevy, Dodge mega-dealers purchase 80% of their used car inventory. They can’t make or match this kind of deal.

Generally speaking, he will save you $1500 or more depending on the vehicle that you choose. This is a full disclosure service where you will see Ron’s actual wholesale purchase price. No other dealership will show you the true cost of the vehicle! That’s all, no gimmicks, no hidden costs! WHAT A DEAL!

*Professional Dealer Only Auctions
These auctions are for licensed dealerships only, not the general public. Vehicles are purchased at wholesale prices by dealers for the intent of re-selling, not personal use. This is the same place New Car Dealers buy 80+% of their pre-owned cars for their dealership. (IT’S SIMPLE – We don’t have their huge overhead costs & that is why we can sell quality cars for less)

Most vehicles are coming *Off Lease, Fleet Lease, Program Cars and sometimes Repos which are sold by companies like American Honda Financial, Honda Trust Lease, Chrysler, Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, and Toyota Financial. (*Off Lease cars are usually a preferred purchase because they are maintained and have low mileage. The vehicle has to be in good condition or the leasing company will penalize the owner).

Vehicles range from 2009 thru 2016, some with extremely low mileage in perfect condition with full bumper to bumper Factory Warranty. Dealers can inspect the vehicles prior to each sale.

The Vehicles are sold on a lighting system and announcements; GREEN LIGHT – Seller states that the vehicle is in good condition. The purchasing dealer has the right to a post sale inspection to be performed by a certified mechanic. The buying dealer has the right of refusal or arbitration if the vehicle fails the post sale inspection. Dealers can buy with confidence on a GREEN LIGHT sale.

Call Ron today and take advantage of this unique opportunity to buy a car through his Broker Service and keep more of your money in your pocket. Fill out the request form.

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